louise smart

Louise Smart (CThA)

Stress Management

Louise is a specialist in stress management with 21 years corporate and clinical experience.
Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Louise offers her unique treatment and coaching programs to corporate organisations and their employees.

Louise worked for the Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital for five years, treating individuals chiefly from the legal and financial sectors referred via company doctors, cardiologists and senior consultant psychiatrists. She tangentially ran a private practice in Harley Street, working with a diverse mix of high profile and senior level corporates, self-referrals and referrals from a Priory Hospital psychiatrist.

Her corporate background began with training staff at the City law firm, DJ Freeman, in proactive stress management. She went on to present her own program for Central Law Training and in-house for law firms in the UK, for four years. Additionally, she has coached and trained staff up to board level in the retail and financial sectors.

Louise currently offers a range of short and longer term personalised treatment and coaching programs to individuals. Treatment programs are for symptomatic intervention and resolution of circumstantial, historic and recurring stress problems. Her coaching programs provide leading edge tools for increased energy, resilience, constructive mindset, effective communication, emotional intelligence, harmonious relationships, “healthy” success, and balanced wellbeing at work and home. Treatment and coaching programs are frequently combined.

Louise has herself had to recover from professional burnout, insomnia and trauma. This has culminated in her innate empathic sensitivity and refined understanding of the two-way impact of work and personal life and individual’s needs in real time.

Louise is highly skilled at facilitating optimal performance and wellbeing, and treating shock, grief, hysteria, panic attack, anxiety, insomnia, depression, breakdown, and the typical debilitating confusion and fatigue that can affect anyone including the most senior, competent and rational minded.

Louise is a qualified, insured member of the Complementary Therapists Association.


“After nearly 20 years of extremely dedicated and hard work in the City, I found myself very suddenly wondering where the excitement, the sharpness, and the enthusiasm that I used to take for granted had gone. By chance I alighted on an introduction to Louise and the “emotional detoxing” phrase really resonated with me. I realised through my sessions with Louise that I was actually being very tough on myself, not just physically but emotionally as well. To cap it all I was using my success as a hiding place, ignoring the real day-to-day personal issues that were staring me in the face. As a result of our discussions I now feel more confident and relaxed, more open with family and my children, and more content and fulfilled in my everyday context. Through a mix of techniques, mainly succeeding because I found talking to Louise so therapeutic, I have achieved a far greater tranquility than I thought was possible.”
Managing Director, US Investment Bank