liz cox

Liz Cox (BA, MSc)

Executive Coach

Liz acts as a coach and advisor to boards, senior executives, and leaders within various organisations and industries including corporate, finance, marketing, creative media, property and publishing. An alumni of Henley Business School, Liz specialises in leadership development, strategic planning, organisational structure and staffing retention practices.

Liz uses her extensive entrepreneurial and corporate business experience to help senior leaders unlock their professional and personal potential to create sustainable positive change.

Her career began in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi before moving into market research. She co-founded Directions and built the company into one of the premier boutique research firms in the UK. After selling her ownership in Directions, she joined The Big Picture – a growing design research agency with a blue-chip, international client base – and helped guide the firm’s strategic and organisational development to become a global leader in its field.

Liz believes that “Coaching is the Marriage of the Possible with the Practical”, it requires listening well – both to what has been said as well as to what has not – and benefits enormously from understanding that the right answer is not always necessarily the obvious or the easy answer.

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Liz is able to offer various coaching and facilitation services (in teams and/or as one-to one sessions) to corporate organisations and believes that coaching can play an invaluable role in general wellbeing and optimising performance. Liz subscribes to the EMCC code of ethics and is mindful of the boundaries between coaching and therapeutic/psychological support.

Liz holds a Masters Degree in Coaching and Behavioural Change (Distinction) and a Certificate in Coaching (Distinction) from the Henley Business School. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Italian from the University of London.


“The Board of Trustees at Positively UK has worked with Liz Cox over the past 18 months. Liz has led two day-long workshops designed to maximise the direction, connection and cohesiveness of our Board. Her focus is always on ensuring maximum interaction between the Trustees; that everyone is heard and has the space to shape the future of the organisation. Group work is a strong feature of her approach. The result is a connected Board with a clear, sharpened vision, a coordinated strategy and a team fully aligned behind it and ready to deliver.”

‘I’ve worked closely with Liz for over 15 years and during that time she has never failed to provide excellent advice. Her guidance is always considered and thought-through; she thinks strategically, able to recognise the bigger picture which is complemented by her awareness of any sensitivities involved so that she recommends the most diplomatic course of action. This combination of skills has contributed to a long and successful relationship and has resulted in her becoming a most trusted confidante.’

“Liz combines insight with incisiveness, which she supports with exceptional listening ability and obvious respect. She epitomises professionalism.”

“Liz has a relaxed and engaging style which rubbed off on me. She knew when to be lighthearted and when to be more serious. She has seriously high EQ.”

“Liz showed me that positive change is possible. This has given me dramatically more confidence.”

“I value and trust Liz more than anyone else I have worked with in my business career.”