Josh Salzmann Personal Trainer

Josh Salzmann

Personal Trainer

Josh is passionate about fitness and wellbeing (both physical and mental).  He firmly believes that an individual’s body and mind are their most important assets. Josh has been a fitness instructor for over 40 years.  He has worked with senior executives and leading entrepreneurs such as Bob Diamond (Barclays), Jonathan Davies (Discovery) and Prof Sir Chris Evans (Arthurian Life Sciences), members of the Royal family such as the Duke and Duchess of York, and celebrities and sports personalities such as John Cleese, Sir Kenneth Branaugh, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Pierce Brosnan, Sir Paul McCartney, Ernie Els, and Andriy Shevchenko.

Josh is frequently asked to write columns/articles for national and international newspapers (including the Telegraph) and magazines on topics such as fitness, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness breaks.  He is also a published author of a fitness/energy book, has released two videos on his philosophy of fitness and wellbeing, and can be found giving advice/tips on media channels including You Tube.              

Josh’s philosophy is to ‘forget the fads’ and focus on the important things, such as emotional health and eating and drinking correctly.  By doing so, he has helped even the busiest of people to increase their energy levels and in turn get the most out of their daily lives.

Through his own business ‘Faith in Fitness’ and in collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Josh (alongside his partner, Pawan Suri) is able to bring the following services to corporate organisations and their employees:

Personal Workout Plan

A personalised fitness plan designed to achieve goals effectively and safely, including:

  • Initial assessment over telephone/Skype
  • Detailed personal plan via personal video
  • Periodical progress assessments via email/Skype
  • On the ground one-to-one training where desired

Corporate Plan

For organisations who want to actively support the fitness and wellbeing of their staff. This can help ensure:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced days off sick
  • Reduced stress related issues
  • A happier, more positive workplace!
  • Added value staff benefit

This is achieved through the following:

  • Initial assessment of an organisation and its ethos.
  • Provision of a custom online wellbeing portal, providing video instruction and advice on all facets of health, fitness and wellbeing. Content tailored to an organisation’s specific requirements.
  • Seminars for employees providing motivation, demonstration and Q&A sessions etc..
  • Provision of personal support to employees via Skype, email or scheduled online chat.


Sarah The Duchess of York
“Josh Salzmann is a unique individual. He is a man that delivers the best physical body to the client, to the utmost of their own wishes and wants. He is steadfast, loyal and true. Josh, without doubt is one of the greatest friends, and remains totally dedicated and committed to the end result and beyond on behalf of his clients. I am delighted to write this testimonial, as Josh and I have been through so many of different life obstacles and even in my most trying and despairing moments, Josh was there, and I got back on the bike! Fitness is mind, body and spirit, Josh always says.. “Free your mind and your bottom will follow”.. I personally believe in listening to your body and smart training. Don’t overtrain, and sleep and good nutrition is just as important. All of these values have been taught by Josh to me, and I personally can say I have lost close to 50 pounds, by not over training and incorporating the above disciplines. Thank you Josh, my friend, my buddy.”

Prof Sir Chris Evans
OBE DSc PhD FRSC FBiol FEng CChem CBiol
“I have been using personal trainers now for over 25 years keeping me reasonably fit for purpose and in very good health. I can safely say that the best of the lot has been Josh Salzmann without any doubt. We have known and used Josh for some 17 years and whilst living in London, both my wife and I used Josh 5 days a week where he got us both into the best shape of our lives! Josh has a fantastic knowledge and extensive experience of how to exercise any and every muscle in the body. He doesn’t over complicate moves or routines, he knows when to push you and how hard to push as he reads your current status of wellbeing carefully and attenuates the workout accordingly. You see results quickly and, with Josh, you build on it as his advice on diet is as good as his exercise regimes. Above all else, Josh is great fun. He is the most super positive person ever and never fails to get you pumped physically and mentally. We have shared many laughs and war stories whilst working out with sweat dripping and muscles aching. He makes the whole thing enjoyable and is such a pleasant guy to have around that we have taken Josh with us on a few of our holidays to work us out daily and keep us entertained at night with some hilarious stories. He is, without doubt, one of the UKs finest personal trainers. Josh is THE MAN !”

Jonathan Davies
Global Media Executive
“I am 47 years old and have never been in better physical and mental shape in my life – and that is undoubtedly a result of working with Josh for the last 10 years. Josh has an intuitive, almost telepathic, understanding of the human body. He doesn’t hide behind machines and jargon, but rather connects physically and mentally in order to sense what each individual needs at any given moment – and then delivers precisely what is required for maximum effect. A session with Josh is so much more than a physical workout – it’s a totally uplifting experience where his intent, his words and his actions come together to leave you feeling energised and strengthened and ready to take not just your body but your entire life to a whole new level. He really is that good!”

Gary Player
9 time Major Golf Champion
“I started exercising when I was eight years old and have never stopped. Eating correctly is probably more important. In my opinion people eat too much fat and obesity kills millions and millions of people. I am an eighty percent vegetarian and eat very little protein compared to the average person. Josh Salzmann has been a great contributor to society. He is one of my heros.”