Jessica Giuffre

Jessica Giuffre (B.A. (Hons), NT Dip. CNM, GAPS, Certified Teen Wisdom Life Coach)

Voice Coach, Nutritionist and Teenage Coach

Jessica’s experience is diverse and spans 25 years. She has coached, mentored, taught, trained and lectured in many different guises, from coaching staff members at Hakkasan Group in how to relate to customers confidently and efficiently, to building individuals’ self-esteem prior to job interviews.

Jessica practised as a nutritional therapist for seven years, having graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.  She is also a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner and was part of the first group to be trained by GAPS pioneer, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, in the UK.  Whilst no longer taking on individual clients, she incorporates her nutrition/GAPS experience in her coaching and training work, and lectures on the topics.

Jessica has a theatre background which has given her the ability to ‘present’ and to be able to interact and address large groups of people. Her coaching work at Landmark Worldwide and her one-to one-consultations as a nutritional therapist have added the compassionate element to her delivery.

Jessica is also a certified coach to teenage girls, having trained with Tami Walsh, founder of Teen Wisdom Inc.. Teen Wisdom is the first life-coaching company created solely for the empowerment of teen girls and young women against the context of the dangerous times in which girls are currently living, where social media is a key feature in their lives, and society, schools, and even their own families are unknowingly asking them to live up to an unreachable set of paradoxical standards of beauty, intelligence, athleticism, achievement etc..

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Jessica can offer the following services to corporate clients and their employees:

  • Support and training around gaining confidence in delivering talks, lectures, power point presentations, chairing meetings, and communicating effectively to colleagues and members of staff
  • Support and training for those experiencing a loss of power or self-expression, or where self-esteem is being affected
  • Training to facilitate increased energy/concentration, productivity and wellbeing at work
  • Coaching for teenage girls (in circumstances where parents are struggling or concerned about their tween/teen age daughter, and feel this could be helpful, thus gaining peace of mind and ultimately being more present and productive at work)