Eve Warren

Eve Warren (BEd, MEd, PGCert)

Executive and Life-Work Coach

Eve has a background in training consultancy and has been working as an executive and life-work coach for over 20 years.

Eve specialises in stress and wellbeing, leadership, career management, and women’s development, delivering training and talks as well as coaching. A significant part of her work is to help individuals learn what they need to do to make change happen.

Eve works for large organisations, including corporates, and in the not-for-profit and education sectors, as well as with private clients.

In previous careers, she worked in market research, as a secondary school teacher and leader, as a management consultant and co-authored two successful books (on stress management and professional development).

Eve holds an M.Ed in Human Relations, a PGCert in Positive Psychology and a degree in Education, English and Drama.

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Eve is able to offer the following services to corporate organisations and their employees:

  • Stress and wellbeing consultancy services to organisations developing wellbeing and stress management programmes; implementation of well-researched, tested and proven practical strategies for managers and individuals to tackle and reduce pressure in themselves/their teams; one-to-one executive coaching to those experiencing unhealthy stress.
  • Training, workshops, and awareness around how positive emotions can build resilience.
  • Executive coaching to support those facing challenging situations, identify ways to limit the impact of pressure, and realise the best performance possible. This can be particularly useful to set strategy, achieve goals, improve public speaking, and learn specific skills such as more effective time management. By addressing specific personal development issues in a time-effective manner, both organisational and individual benefits are delivered quickly. These can include greater commitment, retention of key personnel, a clearer strategic direction, more creative outlook in strategy, better planning, greater team working and improved management of staff.
  • Life-work coaching – a practical way of helping individuals achieve the changes they want or need in their life. Some come to this from a place of dissatisfaction, others for a specific purpose. Coaching will help define what is wanted, identify the steps to achieve it, and ultimately re-establish confidence and self-esteem. This has a great impact on wellbeing and effectiveness allowing an individual to take control, move forward and achieve change.


“Eve is an exceptional executive coach. I have benefited from her services over a number years where she has helped address a variety of different personal business challenges. These have included work on optimizing the performance of my senior executive team, supporting me in solving particular leadership issues, helping with a specific change management leadership project, and assisting to identify and pursue a move on my career path. In all of these areas she has offered the most effective coaching in that her experience and wisdom are used to create the forum whereby you yourself can identify the key issues, set priority goals and establish clear and practical action plans. She is a sympathetic listener, and at the same time always focussed on clear and positive outputs within the time frame available. I have never failed to achieve real progress in my work and to have energies and confidence boosted as a result of her assistance. I cannot recommend her too highly.”

‘Eve has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and techniques, and worked out what was most useful for me personally. She brings her diverse and eclectic practice to bear in tailoring not only the overall work, but each session individually. The most fabulous work I’ve ever done with anyone!’