Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan (B.Sc. and Ph.D)

Sleep and Stress Management Expert

Nerina is a physiologist, sleep and stress management expert, and energy coach who works to improve individuals’ sleep quality and energy levels.

Nerina runs wellness programmes, workshops, and training, and lectures via webinars and seminars, nationally and internationally, on the importance of sleep for mental and physical wellbeing, providing practical self-help tools to take away. She also covers topics such as stress, pressure, performance optimisation, and burn-out prevention.

Nerina is regularly interviewed by major television and radio channels, newspapers, and other media publications. She is the author of two books Fast Asleep Wide Awake, and Tired But Wired: How to Overcome Your Sleep Problems: The Essential Toolkit. She is also Silentnight’s “sleep expert”.

Nerina completed her doctorate in physiology at King’s College London, a postdoctoral fellowship at University College London, and is currently a Research Fellow at Ashridge Business School.

Nerina has a diverse client base which includes professional services firms such as Accenture and Linklaters, leading multinationals such as Danone Evian, Cisco Systems and Kimberly Clark, sports clubs, notably Chelsea Football Club, and schools. She also worked for over a decade with the Capio Nightingale Psychiatric Hospital in London on their sleep, energy and physical health programmes.

Nerina has a strong belief that everyone can live a healthy and more fulfilling life by tapping into and nurturing their deepest inner resources Рeven in these hectic times that we live in.

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Nerina can support individuals in minimising the impact of their lifestyle on their sleep and energy levels, thus improving their quality of life, optimising their performance, and ultimately benefiting their relationships and the organisations for whom they work.

Research has revealed that 75% of people in the UK are not getting a good night’s sleep. This is not surprising given the increasing pressure at home and work, not to mention modern technology making much of the population ‘switched on’ at all hours of the day. As such, finding time to let go and unwind can be difficult. Nerina explains: “We spend approximately one third of our lives asleep, but surprisingly no one really knows why we engage in this mysterious activity. Theories suggest that that we sleep in order to process and file information that was taken in during the day as well as to repair and rebalance the body physically and mentally. So what impact does work and lifestyle have on our sleep quality? In simple terms, handling more information daily, working longer hours and fewer breaks can change the dynamics of our sleep resulting in a greater demand for ‘information filing’ sleep and less time available for rejuvenating deep sleep.”