Dr lawrence ladden

Dr Lawrence Ladden (PhD)

Clinical and Health Psychologist

Dr. Ladden is a Clinical and Health Psychologist in private practice in London. He served as a senior instructor with the Penn Program for Mindfulness of the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System in the United States from 1998 until 2013. Prior to this he ran a biofeedback lab at Albert Einstein Medical Centre studying the psychophysiology of stress.

Dr. Ladden has developed numerous adaptations of mindfulness training including for people with specific mental and physical health concerns, and in a professional work context.

Concurrent with his interest in clinical health psychology, Dr. Ladden has a speciality in group dynamics, a discipline he has worked with since 1981. He currently writes and teaches on Contemplative Group Dynamics— an integration of mindfulness-awareness and group process.

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Dr. Ladden is able to offer the following approaches to corporate organisations and their employees:

  • Consulting with individual employees in relation to their mental and physical health. The aim, for example, may be to help an individual reduce anxiety or irritation about health, work, or a relationship by noticing how the individual is reacting to stress and introducing practical mindfulness tools which help settle the mind and body.
  • Introducing applied mindfulness to group and organisational processes through team trainings. When the group’s attention is scattered, movement toward a shared goal is compromised. Dr. Ladden works with teams using a two-fold mindfulness practice. The first aspect is an individual exercise which brings attention into the present. The second aspect is to extend this mindfulness to the specifics of the team situation and the task at hand. We then begin to notice the cost of bypassing the first step – not having one’s attention available – on the task at hand. Attention from this perspective is not only understood as an individual capacity but one that is cultivated by the development of the team climate. Applied mindfulness in the team brings into action the values of both the individual and organisation.

Mindfulness is increasingly being used in work settings across industries to help develop self-care practices. In the private sector (e.g., Google), public service (e.g., London Transport) and in government (e.g., the House of Commons) mindfulness practice has made a contribution. A growing body of research on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes for medical and mental health providers, for example, show significant reductions in common stress related symptoms – worry, tension, irritation – resulting from the work demands. Left unchecked these symptoms often result in “burnout” or a loss of perspective on life-work balance. Consequently both the tenure and effectiveness of the employee as well as the resources of the organisation are compromised.