chloe ward

Chloe Ward

Voice Coach, Yoga Teacher and Music Tutor

Chloe trained as a professional actor at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (Masters in Acting) with a full scholarship. Prior to this she attained a First Class Degree from Loughborough University in Drama (BA Hons) and recently received an Acting Excellence Award from The Stage. Having undergone her own vocal therapy to successfully rehabilitate her paralysed vocal folds through a commitment of personal research and daily exercises, she now specialises in communication training.

Chloe is also a qualified yoga teacher graduating from The Traditional Yoga Association’s three year teaching course. This approach of yoga is about a practice of personal awareness, the undoing of detrimental habits and learning how to use the body’s natural intelligence to move economically and activate optimum energy levels. It focuses on how to be still effectively in order for one to move and work effectively.

Chloe has worked as a Vocal Coach for Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd, operator of some of the largest attractions in Global Leisure. From coaching tour guides at London SEALIFE Aquarium in public speaking techniques, to rehabilitating the voices of education facilitators at Thorpe Park. Working with groups and individuals, Chloe teaches her clients how they can fully utilise their voice in the work environment, successfully affecting their listener and achieving their desired results. She has also designed and delivered a bespoke team-building and communication programme for the staff at Second Chance, a private charity for young people finding sustained employment.

Though collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Chloe can offer the following services to corporate clients and their employees:

Group Voice Training
Practical workshops in the fundamentals of vocal training covering:

  • Training on how to use our vocal equipment effectively.
  • Understanding the social context in which voice is formed and why vocal problems, misuse of equipment and ineffective communication are so widespread.
  • Addressing common problems including unhealthy breathing patterns, posture and alignment issues, disconnection from the diaphragm and how to break detrimental vocal habits.
  • How to engage your natural voice for authentic and effective speech.
  • A three step technique for ‘How to get people to listen to you’.
  • ‘Second Circle Communication’: become aware of personal over or under compensation when speaking and readdress the emphasis on listening for successful communication.

Individual Voice Training
Personalised coaching to address a client’s specific needs. Areas of weakness will be identified and a client will undergo a bespoke programme of breathing and vocal exercises to achieve their desired outcome. Whether it is to improve presentation skills, increase confidence when speaking to large groups of people, training on how to get one’s point across effectively in meetings or authentic communication for one-to-one situations; Chloe can work with a client on the necessary techniques needed for them to harness their voice. She coaches people to use their vocal equipment as it was designed to be used, engage their audience and speak effectively with power and ease.

Individual Voice Rehabilitation
For people who experience loss of voice, regular sore throats or feel they need to push in order to have their voice heard. By using Alexander Technique and other relaxation based exercises, Chloe can rehabilitate a client’s vocal equipment and train them how to employ their diaphragm and breath for powerful, effective communication. If they have any aspects of their voice that they struggle with Chloe can look at what is inhibiting their communication and employ practical solutions to re-train their voice.

Individual Yoga Classes
Each client will receive tailored yoga instruction to address their specific needs. Once areas of improvement have been identified, Chloe can deliver a bespoke programme of breathing and physical exercises to restore the body, mind and soul to balance. Whether it is to relieve tension in areas of control (Neck Charka), promote heart health and connection to others, quieten the mind to feel calm and a sense of peace, or improve memory and decision making ability. Yoga is inclusive of all body types and with the use of awareness and listening to the body progress can be made from any starting point.

Group Yoga Classes
Practical exercises remedying the most prolific problems faced in the workplace, including classes focusing on:

  • Lowering stress levels, learning how to harness stress effectively and practice specific exercises to reduce high blood pressure and its symptoms.
  • Breath training addressing the prevalent yet largely undiagnosed problem of reverse breathing and resting hyperventilation which is closely linked to anxiety and other common challenges. Control over personal breathing patterns gives you the ability to switch into the parasympathetic nervous system on demand – the system responsible for relaxation, healthy digestion and sleep.
  • Releasing tension from the entire body and undergoing exercises that strengthen the core so we can meditate (or simply sit) undisturbed from niggles of pain and tight muscles.
  • Asana positions to combat a desk lifestyle: relieving back, shoulder and neck pain.

Piano, Flute and Saxophone Lessons
Chloe also works as a music tutor teaching the piano, saxophone and flute. Her teaching approach is to cater the lessons to her clients’ musical taste and interests with an emphasis on making learning their instrument fun as they progress their talent. She has worked as a freelance music teacher for six years and has led students that wish to take ABRSM graded exams with 100% successful results. Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour slots.