Amanda Ursell

Amanda Ursell (BSc, PgD)


Amanda Ursell has a BSc in nutrition and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics. She is also a writer, journalist and corporate nutrition consultant.

Winner of the HFMA Health Writer of The Year award and twice voted the most influential health professional in the UK, Amanda has over 30 years of experience of working in the area of nutrition

Amanda has worked on television series across the main networks including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. She regularly comments on nutrition issues on the nation’s major television and radio channels and is the contributing nutritionist to the Channel 4 television series Tricks of the Restaurant Trade. She also has her own YouTube Channel.

Amanda has held long-term columns with The Sunday Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail newspapers in the UK and the Los Angeles Times in America.

An internationally-published author of ten nutrition based books, Amanda’s publications range from “Healing Foods” with Dorling Kindersley to “The Baby and Toddler Food Bible”.

In addition to her nutrition work in the media, Amanda has five years, hands-on, award-winning experience in the area of wellbeing in the workplace and advises CH&Co, a corporate contract catering company, as a Consultant Nutritionist.

Engaged in developing and delivering award-winning nutrition led wellbeing programmes and corporate nutrition policies, her experience through CH&Co includes working with Allianz Global, Investec, Olswang, London Zoo, Kensington Palace, Estee Lauder, Avon, Paramount Pictures, Hilton Worldwide, British Gas, SSE, Direct Line Group and Gatwick Airport. Amanda has also worked with Halfords.

Amanda collaborates with scientists from both Birmingham and Birmingham Aston University to establish scientific research projects around wellbeing in the workplace.

Amanda provides a range of services to help support wellbeing initiatives within organisations and can help to establish services where none are currently available.

Her approach resists using the ‘righting reflex’ to nag employees into eating ‘well’ but is designed to stimulate behavioural change around food choices through evoking employees’ own intrinsic motivation to change and embed their beliefs that they can carry changes through.

Through collaboration with A Resilient Mind, Amanda is able to offer the following services (amongst others) to corporate organisations and their employees:

  • Breakfast and lunchtime seminars
  • One-to-one nutrition consultations
  • Group workshops (including employee collaboration for change)
  • Company intranet supported pod-casts
  • Web-based and intranet based copy

Subjects covered include, as examples:

  • All day energy to optimise feelings of energy and concentration throughout the whole day
  • All day meeting menus with each meal, snack and drink carefully designed to sustain focus throughout the day and overcome the natural ‘pm’ energy and concentration dip.
  • Sports nutrition support (specific to recreational sporting groups such as, for example gym users, runners and cyclists)
  • Eating to reduce stress and boost immunity
  • Eating to reduce cholesterol
  • Eating to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Weight management

Amanda studied at King’s College, London University where she gained a 2:1 BSc degree in nutrition and the Associateship of King’s College (AKC).

President of the Student Nutrition Society, on completion of her degree course, she spent a further 18 months at King’s to be awarded a post-graduate diploma in Dietetics.

She is a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society and The Guild of Food Writers.

Amanda is a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University where she lectures to both under and post graduates on the subjects of corporate nutrition and nutrition in the media. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health and The Royal Society of Medicine.

Wellbeing in the Workplace Awards:

  • Health and Vitality ‘Healthy Hospitality’ Award 2016 for CH&Co for collaboration with Birmingham University Department of Psychology research into social norm messaging in restaurant settings.
  • The Royal Society of Public Health and Wellbeing Awards 2015 for CH&Co for the Passport to Health project at Gatwick Airport.
  • The Footprint Health and Vitality 2014 award for the CH&Co’s Chef’s Nutrition Training Course.
  • The Catey’s 2013 award for Charlton House’s ‘Wellbeingbeingwell’ programme.


  • ‘Passport to Health’ Complete Nutrition Vol.14 No.6 Dec 2014/Jan 2015, 50 – 51.
  • The Effect of a Descriptive Norm Promoting Vegetable Selection in a Workplace Restaurant Setting: an Observational Study. J.M Thomas et al. Awaiting publication. Acknowledged on paper for piloting social norms posters.

Client Testimonials:

Lynne Lym, Investec, ‘Managing and Reducing Stress’ seminar attendee:
“I would like to say how useful the lunch time seminars (the last one was Managing and Reducing Stress) from Amanda were. Congratulations and thank you for organising the really useful talks. Everyone attended would agree with me, I am sure.”

Jill Garrett, Executive Director, Tentpeg Consulting:
“I have been delivering day-long seminars for over 20 years. Afternoon sessions often need big injections of activity as energy levels hit a buffer after lunch. There was a noticeable difference in the engagement of delegates on the occasions when I have worked with Amanda. I am very comfortable to recommend Amanda’s ‘All Day Energy’ style of eating for companies wanting to help their employees to get the best from business meetings.”

Phil O’Connor, Head of People Development, Halfords Head Office:
“Amanda, the feedback has been amazing and you certainly have helped so many people with their quest for a better life. Not only did you do that, everyone thought you were just lovely. Thanks again for being there for the guys – hopefully this can be the start of other opportunities ahead.”

Aurelie Kane, Head of Corporate Communications, Pernod Ricard UK:
“I personally took on board many of the messages Amanda delivered in her seminar…not least to switch my breakfast eating habits to a more sustaining option. I’ve not looked back; it quite literally has changed how I feel each day both at work and at home.”

Gilly Watts, Assistant Business Development Underwriter, Allianz Global:
“Thank you so much for your time today. I found the formal presentation very informative and helpful but the informal one to my colleague Nicola and I that we had with you after was truly inspirational. Again, thank you.”

Claire Reddington, via360 feedback, Hilton Worldwide, Head Office:
“The course has given me lots of new information which will enhance both my job role and family lifestyle. I found it very interactive and it was explained simply and clearly. The course was very enjoyable and very informative and I had a much better understanding of nutrition after. I really enjoyed it, very informative and could have easily stayed for longer as I personally think it was the best one by far I have been on and if there was more time a lot more could have been covered.”

Chloe Wright, BDO, London:
“The nutrition training yesterday was very interesting and I learnt a lot! It was a very fun experience and I would love to learn more about nutrition. I think this is useful information for everyone to know. Amanda taught us in a way that made it seem easy and understandable. Loved it!”