Our services are bespoke and can be tailored to suit each client in whole or in part.  All services can be provided to our clients on-site at their location and/or online (via video conferencing, webinars, podcasts, etc.).

Wellbeing Audit

The purpose of our audit is to evaluate an organisation against best practices in physical and mental wellbeing.  In addition, the process will identify potential compliance and reputational risks, and detail the areas and means by which performance can be improved and presenteeism/absences diminished.

We engage with our clients’ HR team and senior decision makers to understand the strategic aims of the organisation, generally and in terms of any wellbeing offering.  Our audit allows an organisation to benchmark where they are now, where they would like to be and in what time-frame.  This in turn will inform priorities and budgetary considerations, and facilitate identifying and measuring the impact of any changes made.

The audit will typically take a number of forms including on-site visits, document reviews, engaging with other existing providers such as occupational health and EAPs, interviews, focus groups, staff surveys and psychometric assessment where appropriate.  Our results will identify areas of strength together with any areas that need to be addressed.

Wellbeing Programmes

Employee wellbeing is a strategic driver to organisational performance.

As a natural extension to our audit or as a standalone service, we can assist our clients in developing wellbeing programmes and/or supplementing existing offerings.  We are experienced in creating programmes which ensure that all ends of the wellbeing and performance spectrum are adequately met – from prevention (promoting and maintaining wellness/resilience) at one end, to intervention at the other (supporting individuals who are in need of specific help).

Our extensive team of practitioners, whom are highly regarded and experienced in working with corporate clients, facilitate the delivery of our wellbeing programmes and specific services.  These can be provided in various forms including initiatives, campaigns, seminars, workshops, training, coaching, one-to-one sessions, and therapy/counselling.

Creating and offering a wellbeing programme is only the beginning.  We work with our clients to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives (both existing and new) and translate the impact of these into tangible results, particularly around absence, engagement and performance, which can be measured against spend (with a view to justifying the cost) and wider organisational performance.  Adjustments can then be made as appropriate.

Individual Wellbeing Services

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