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Mental Health in the City

Mental health is, despite a growing movement to address its importance in the workplace, unfortunately still considered by many to be one of life’s taboos.

Mind’s latest estimate is that mental ill health costs UK businesses around £26bn a year in lost productivity. However, by emphasising the commercial impact of ignoring mental health and the ethical importance of employee care, advocates are now beginning to tackle old taboos. They are encouraging openness and establishing much-needed support systems to ensure that employees are not only given the best chance to remain mentally healthy but, conversely, to equip those on the front line to deal sensitively and appropriately with individuals when they have become unwell.

The legal industry has begun to take important steps in this direction, but much more needs to be done. Over the past few months, we conducted interviews with key individuals working in mental health across the City, including those at a number of law firms who have taken significant, proactive and progressive steps to address this issue within their organisations.
This article outlines what we have learned and, in light of our findings, we would invite those reading to reflect on the adequacy of their own firm’s mental health provisions