A Resilient Mind offers consultancy services to organisations across all sectors, including legal, corporate and financial, wishing to enhance and achieve parity between both physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace, with an emphasis on building resilience and optimising performance.

The pressures of a 24/7 working world, alone or in combination with personal issues, can dramatically, and negatively, affect an individual’s wellbeing.  Organisations are increasingly addressing the issue of employee wellbeing, not least from a moral and ethical perspective but, also, for reasons of reputation, compliance, engagement, talent attraction and retention, and a recognition of the effect of poor performance, presenteeism, and absence on the bottom line.

A Resilient Mind provides ‘one point of contact’ consultancy services to organisations, helping them identify wellbeing issues and potential risks and facilitating solutions.  We provide leading practitioners, all of whom excel in their individual fields and between them cover the whole spectrum of wellbeing, from prevention to intervention, and performance.

We work with our clients to:

  • Ensure that their policies meet requirements and/or best practice.
  • Develop wellbeing initiatives across their organisations.
  • Give their employees the best opportunity to remain physically and mentally healthy, reach an enhanced level of health, perform at their best, and realise their full potential.
  • Equip and place them to deal sensitively and appropriately with individuals should they experience issues, including offering the necessary conversations, support and encouragement whatever the difficulty.

An extensive team of practitioners underpin our services and enable us to deliver the necessary initiatives, campaigns, seminars, workshops, training, coaching, one-to-one sessions, and therapy/counselling.  These include, amongst others, mindfulness and resilience coaches, mental health awareness trainers, psychologists/psychiatrists and counsellors, life and executive coaches, nutrition and sleep consultants, personal and yoga trainers, osteopaths and physiotherapists, and healthy building design experts.

A full description of the services offered and their application and benefits in a corporate context can be found on our individual services pages.

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